Re: [CH] From: Edmiston <>

Edmiston (
Fri, 29 May 1998 16:39:17 +0000

Cameron Begg wrote:

> Hi C-H's,
> Know what makes this list great? You C-H's have a great attitude. The
> exchange below, on any other list would have generated a torrent of abuse
> and a few gigabytes of trash in my "in" box.
> begg.4:
> >> I doubt it. My guess is that it is limited to those who do not bitch and
> >> moan for free samples.
> >>
> Edmiston:
> >Yeah, yeah, I forgot my smilies. Sorry.
> Slice of humble pie anyone?
> (With hab. powder of course!)

I think on the whole we behave very well for a gang of admitted hotheads. (:
That said, Cameron, just as it can appear unseemly to bitch and moan for a
slice of The Bread on a list, neither is it wise to post private
correspondense to a public list. I don't mean that in a flame way, just some
friendly advice.