Re: [CH] From: Edmiston <>

Doug Irvine (
Fri, 29 May 1998 19:15:46 -0700

Cameron Begg wrote:
> Hi C-H's,
> Know what makes this list great? You C-H's have a great attitude. 
> (With hab. powder of course!)
>                      Regards,               Cameron.

Cameron...this is, of course, because our brains are all cooked to a
fine degree of hot,like as in chile hot, which MUST equate to at least
550 in a modern oven(gas or electric)and because our heat tolerance is
so high, our stupidity tolerance must be even higher!! Must be, if we
can eat habs right outta the bag(after washing all those pesticide
residues off, Mark)(herbicides dont count)Anyway, what has happened to
Rael, I am amazed that he has not responded to at least one of the
messages on this list...Hey Rael, you out there in your new
environment?? Now that you share the same server with Judy? Cheers, Doug
in BC(a long way from both of you)(but the weather is GREAT...sunny, no
rain, tough luck California!!