Re: [CH] To boldly go...

Rich McCormack (
Fri, 29 May 1998 18:12:15 -0700

Cameron Begg wrote:

> >Smoking meat or sausages and smoking chiles is not
> >the same thing.  Trust me, a handfull of soggy hickory chips ainít
> >gonna make it!
> Agreed. In fact use VERY dry wood to avoid giving chipotles an acrid taste.

I agree...sorta.  At the beginning of the smoking process, I use moist 
(not soggy) wood chips.  When the charcoal is very hot at the start, 
the moisture in the wood chips helps it smolder instead of flash and 
burn up quickly.  As the fire dies down I throw on drier to actually 
dry (toward the end) wood chunks (along with an occasional "stoking" 
with a few additional briquets to keep a fire going) and they smolder 
just fine on the low fire.  

I mention in my webpages that after 6 or 7 hours, I remove the chiles 
from the smoker and finish drying them in a dehydrator.  Actually, more 
often than not, I time it so I can leave the chiles on the smoker until 
the next morning at which time they rarely need much further drying.  
Atmospheric humidity comes into play, of course, but in the fairly 
arid climate I live in, it seems to work for most of the year...

Rich McCormack (Poway, CA)

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