[CH] To boldly go...

Cameron Begg (begg.4@osu.edu)
Fri, 29 May 1998 11:11:11 -0500

Hi C-H's,

>With all due respect to ìSmokeyî the BBQ chef...when youíre making
>chipotles youíre not smoking sausages or BBQing ribs, youíre using
>low heat and lotís of smoke in a very slow drying process.

Quite correct.

>Smoking meat or sausages and smoking chiles is not
>the same thing.  Trust me, a handfull of soggy hickory chips ainít
>gonna make it!

Agreed. In fact use VERY dry wood to avoid giving chipotles an acrid taste.

>What might cause the jalapeno to take on a pungent flavor
> rather than a smooth, woodsy character?

The pods start out pungent. The slow drying both smokes them and partly
caramelises the sugar in the ripe pod.

>I found it hard to believe, too, but the proof is in the
> tasting. Skepticism aside, it is definitely worth a try.

Yes. Enough idle hypothesis. TIme for you to try it!

                     Regards,               Cameron.