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Inagaddadavida (
Mon, 01 Jun 1998 09:07:39 -0500

Twas Writ:
>residues off, Mark)(herbicides dont count)Anyway, what has happened to
>Rael, I am amazed that he has not responded to at least one of the
>messages on this list...Hey Rael, you out there in your new
>environment?? Now that you share the same server with Judy? Cheers, Doug

Yep, Rael still be here...jus' movin' slowly, joined a gym (insert screams
of pain...I like it, I like it!), and in deep meditation with Da Muse and
El Grande.  My ISP also sucks (pardon..) and I have to massage the phone
lines shamefully to download email and I'm ever so tired of such (why did
Judy Garland pop in my mind as I thought that phrase?...what a woman..).
Drinking much coffee, eating much chile, drooling over many wimmenz, and
hanging pics of Siouxsie Sioux on my dungeon walls.  In short, I'm not
working, avoiding such for as long as possible, and lying on my arse like
the lazy redneck that I am...summertime in Mississippi is so damned hot, so
damned grand, and chiles grow so damned nicely down here...rescued a few
from Martus of Wal the other container growing another
try...mention me in your prayers to El Grande.  My thumb is more of a, um,
blue vs. green...that's left thumb blue...

I'm rambling and not very coherent...but you all know
surprise...Jimi's in the sky, Elvis is in the kitchen, and I've got Xena on
my mind...da dum de dum...

Peace, Hendrix, and Chiles.......

Rael"...I come and go, don't you know...64
Redneck Sous Chef
Monk of the TCS
Order of Immaculate Twister
Keeper of the Faith
and a Towel...