Re: [CH] Peppers in the news, New world record!

lukasz (
Sun, 31 May 1998 19:56:07 +1000

Well when he comes up with a figure for eating Habs, like about
thirty in under a minute, I'll go up against him At the Fragrant
Garden Chile Festival. With Michael Bailles holding the Bets. I
would split my bet 
50/50 so that whoever won I did. But think of the
Publicity.{I'll split the extra gate takings with you Michael.}
oops shoulda snipped here.
Training starts now . please send hints on suitable excercises
for this event, Knuckle dragging ones to me direct. 
semi serious to the list.. 
On a serious note my Red Salvina Habaneros are still in fruit
and should be moved inside in a coupe of weeks, the fruit never
really impressed me this year, my orange habs seemed to have
more flavour and heat, so shortly I will plant the New seeds
that Kay and Lorraine sent me, Thanks 
		Luke In Oz