Re: [CH] Weed killers and such

Doug Irvine (
Sat, 30 May 1998 18:15:51 -0700

Andie Paysinger wrote:
> It is possible to use  "Roundup" and  related weedkillers in the garden
> if you need to by doing this.
> Cut the bottom third off a 2-liter  soda bottle.  put the nozzle of the
> sprayer in the mouth of the  bottle and put the open bottom over the
> weed,  spray, way a few seconds and lift the  "applicator" away from the
> week.   This confines the weed killer to the bad weed and keeps it away
> from the good stuff.

WOoF WOOF, Oh no I forget,, these guys are BARKLESS!! But, right on
with  the safer soap!! It DOES work, even with the most persistent
bugs(Gates should patent it!)(Incorporate it into Win.99!)(Do you detect
a Mac Owner?)Anyway, to get back to the topic, we have been using Safer
Soap for years, just watch your concentration, because it CAN cause
problems with sensitive African violets, for instance!
Voice of experience!!! Cheers, Doug in BC...Yeah we DO have bugs in
paradise!(but not in MY computer)