[CH] good web page

Sun, 31 May 1998 10:39:17 EDT

I second the recommendation that y'all visit Eric's web page at
http://members.aol.com/Imildur/CAPSICUM.HTML  He will even design a sauce for
you.  I can vouch for how good the sauces he makes are!!  (Usual disclaimers).
The page is well-worth the visit.

I wonder if I am just getting old, or if there is a problem with eating
habeneros for breakfast.  I could feel a burning, well, a glow, but not an
altogether pleasant one, well into the afternoon. I also had an onion roll.  I
guess gone are the days of being able to eat anything at any time of the day.
What's next???  Cream of wheat, cream of rice, oatmeal?  (I did have an
oatmeal fixation for about a month!)  Perhaps I have somehow upset El Grande!
Next I will be called She of the Pepto Bismol!!  No, not that!  AAARRRGGGHHH.