[CH] Re: Lady Bugs(beetles)

Sun, 31 May 1998 13:11:17 EDT

thanks Doug for the helpful advice (also pass it along to your mate).  you
know i'll give it a shot.  i actually did have a poor little disabled
ladybug(her carapace was crushed but she carried on for almost two weeks),
taking on the AC (Aphid Cong), and we mourned her passing.  still do now that
the chartreuse meanies have overrrun the garden.  i'll access my filing cab
for that garlic spray.

one more note:  the guy downstairs is my little brother (hardly small he's 6
ft and 250 lbs), but his patio has already become a repository for snails,
etc. that i pitch over the rail.  i consider it payback for all the sibling
rivalry i endured for the 18 yrs+ we've lived together.  what's he gonna do?
tell mom?