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Sun, 31 May 1998 19:50:23 EDT

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<< Help, please....  I'm trying to figure out how to pickle
 whole jalapenas to get something as close as possible to
 "La Victoria's Whole Marinated Jalapenos", which I can't
 get where I live.  (England)  Ingredients include oil as
 well as vinegar, garlic, carrots, onions, and spices.
 I've yet to figure out why the oil and vinegar get along
 and how they keep the peppers so crispy!  Sigh. >>

Though, I haven't tried this.  I have pickled pickles, by using a brine like

cucumbers (the small ones for pickling), cut into spears
2 cloves of garlic (per jar)
UN iodized salt or pickling salt (4 cups Distilled ONLY) water
Cider vinegar (you may use the cider if you don't mind the color or white for
clear pickles.

You would wash thoroughly the cumcumbers (or in this case the jalapenos) leave
the tops on them/ or you may chop them and mix with cauliflower, carrots,
pearl onions, chopped up.

You must sterilize jars and lids, let them sit in hot water until ready to
use. The regular ones aren't recommended unless you plan to put in fridge
right away.  I use the wide mouth Ball mason jars with the seal and lid, you
sterlized in hot water. Empty the water.  If you don't have good lids, you can
buy this wax stuff in the grocery, to seal the top, though, I haven't used
this before.

Put in the mixture of cucumbers or the jalapenos in the jar, adding the dill,
1 clove of garlic and a TBL. of pickling salt.

In a medium saucepan combine vinegar and distilled water.  Bring mixture to
boiling, pour over the jalapenos/ pickles, remember to leave 1/2 inch space on
top.  Adjust the lids.  DO NOT OPEN, store in dark pantry..should be ready in
about a week.  You will be able to tell by the color of water.  When you are
ready to open one jar, the lid should pop open, as if it was never opened
before.  This they call canning.

If you would rather you can use any jar, but refrigerate immediatly.  Now,
folks, I don't know how much "Grandma" new about sterilization but today I
would follow a sterile method.

But if you haven't pickled before, there are books in the library's with
illustration and or look up on the web, I would reccommend this to anyone
interested so you will know most of the procedures are the same for pickling.