[CH] friend or foe??

Linda and Jeff (skytuc@cyberzone.net)
Sun, 31 May 1998 20:36:44 -0400

Hey all,
My habs and tabasco plants have been in the ground for 2+ weeks.  They are
being eaten at night by slugs, I suspect.  I know how to handle slugs, but I
have seen a bug around the garden that I'm not too sure about.  I've seen
this bug parole my brick walkway, eating up ants.  It is a beetle type bug
with long legs and a metallic green body.  I know he favors ant, and I've
got a few aphids on my peppers....and aphids attract ants.....I am assuming
this beetle is there for the ant feast.  But I want to be sure he isn't
getting some of my pepper leaves as his salad course.  Anyone know about
this beetle type bug?  He is shiny green metallic color...hard to miss!

The peppers were eaten several nights before I caught on.  I'm now covering
them with large paper cups at night, which will work for a while.  Then I
resort to sharing my beer with the slugs!

Any info on these beetles is appreciated. Thank you.

In chile heaven,