[CH] pepper problem

Judy Howle (howle@ebicom.net)
Sun, 31 May 1998 20:33:16 -0500

Some of my plants are getting yellow in between the veins on several leaves.
Does anybody know what the problem is.  Some also are getting blackish/brown
spots on the leaves and look sick and stunted.

We finally got a good rain this week.  After the torrential rains stopped we
had very little all month and I was watering the garden regularly.  Lost
several of the small plants anyway, just shrivelled up and died.

Another sad note:  a pack of dogs got in my goat pasture electric fence and
killed a goat and a sheep.  We shot and killed a huge Rottweiler and a huge
pit bull.  Now I have to lock them in the big dog pen at night.  Four
remaining dogs came back looking for them Fri night and we shot one but it
escaped.  I used to raise and show dogs and love dogs, but mine were never
allowed to run loose.  These dogs are dangerous and we had to shoot them
from the car.

Judy Howle

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