Re: [CH] Cross Breeding Question

Lynn Edwards (
Mon, 01 Jun 1998 23:13:51 -0700

Judy Howle wrote:

> When I met Dr. Bosland in Santa Fe, he told me I could just isolate one
> branch or even one or two individual flower buds using a paper bag or fine
> mesh cloth avail at fabric stores, and twist ties.  Be sure and leave the
> twist tie on the plant when you remove the bag after the pepper forms! Then
> save seeds from just those pods.

I've found that clothes pins work better for securing the netting.  It's easier
to adjust when the branch grows too big for the current volume and also allows
quick/easy access if hand pollination is required.  I don't remove the netting
until harvest because it is easier not to, and doesn't cause any ill effects by
leaving it there.

Do not use those fancy colored plastic clothes pins.  They become brittle and
break within a month or two because of UV damage.  Its amazing to me that
anyone could sell such an inferior product and not feel sleazy.  The old
fashioned wooden ones will warp, crack, and eventually  turn black but still
last 3 seasons or more.

Bridal veil material works great - its about 85 cents per yard on sale and is 5
feet wide.

The problem I have with leaving a twist tie on the plant is that it is near
impossible to do without damaging the plant.  This is especially true if time
challenged with  several dozen plants from which to save seed..  Even if you
mark a whole branch with a twist tie there is still a bookkeeping problem with
new flowers (and eventually fruit) which appear on the same branch after the
netting is removed.

Lynn Edwards