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marxman (
Tue, 2 Jun 1998 09:08:16 +0200

Fellow readers...

	I have to agree with the feeling here.. even tho I used to be the owner of
three lovely large dogs, if they had been running free they would have been
a real hazard to others in the area. Sad as it is to kill animals, I
remember how the feral and free-running pet dogs ran the deer in the
neighboring park to death all the time... and the deaths of pet cats, ducks,
etc., was too regular for comfort. Even living in the inner city as I do
now, I find free running dogs occasionally making life a bit
"interesting"..... free running dogs were recently hunted down (like dogs?)
in the great woods-park of Brussels because they were killing the few
remaining wild deer left. No outraged owners coming to the front then, as
the fines for loose dogs and the cost and fines for the deer damage kept
them guiltily silent.
	On a brighter note, tho they're late and will have to live the fall and
winter under lights, I have achieved seedling ignition here and have Lemon
Drop, Red Hab, Jalapeno, Mulatto, Pasilla, and Namaqua babies. Hoping for a
hotter than normal summer, and dreaming of the winter "Pepper Chamber" in
the basement later on. The baby Cayennes I recieved as a present are
beginning to flower... hope springs eternal!!

Diane, sitting on ring-of-fire at 8 in the morning, remembering the pasta
with Calvin's and smiling

> You will get no criticism from me about shooting dogs who attack and kill
> livestock.  There is no excuse for this.  These dog's ovners should be
> found and sued for the cost of the animals their dogs destroyed.
> I do not blame the animals - it is dogs' instinct to pack and run down
> game.  But these are either pets that are not kept in check or ferel dogs
> abandoned by their owners.  They are dangerous not only to livestock but
> to other pets (I lost a cat to such a group once.) and to small children.
> Peace, loe and peppers
> Lorraine