Re: [CH] copyright violation

Tue, 02 Jun 1998 07:55:46 -0500

May the wrath of El Grande will come down on them and smite them with

That is very blatant infringement. Mary, you have a right to be angry.
They said they were handling it on a case by case basis, so that they
can milk each case till they are forced to give up on it. They are
profiting on other peoples work. I would tell them that they could link
to my site but it could not open a new window, or be displayed in their
page. I would not settle for less than that. Mary, you can also contact
some or all of the advertisers on their page and flame them a bit too.
(Pun intended)

I will contact them today, to let them know that the Chile Heads will
stick together, and that we can be a force to be reckoned with. I urge
everyone on the list to do the same. Even FireGirl needs a hero
sometimes. I am on her side.

TCS Mystic Fire Priest

Where is that damned mojo bag?