[CH] copyright violation

Mary Going (mary@firegirl.com)
Mon, 01 Jun 1998 19:51:56 -0400

I received an "award" from Password Internet, and went to check it out.
They have magazines online, which they invite people to create, and which
they are "borrowing" from other people. Mine happened to be listed several
times...Some of the sites they're using other than mine include The
Chilehead's Homepage, Jeff's Poetry Page, and many many more. The
Chilehead's Page is really being abused, showing the gallery on every other
page, and milking everything they can out of it. They are using frames. You
click on something in the left frame, for example a link to my web site,
and POOF, my site is sitting there in the middle of their frames, the top
frame sporting revenue-generating advertising. 

I discovered this on Saturday, and immediately went to work trying to
figure out who they are. I called my attorney, and alerted her. I called
the voice mail system once I found a phone number, and as calmly as
possible, left a recording requesting their mailing address.

I got a return call this morning, and when I explained to him that I
considered this "tactic" a violation of my copyright, they immediately
offered to open a new browser window when my site is clicked on. They say
they are "taking these on a case by case basis." So far, they haven't
updated it as they promised, but I will give them another day before
calling back. 

I strongly suggest that each of you state your cases as well. I think what
they're doing is horrible, but I don't have the resources to fight the
entire concept. I will, however, spread the word as much as possible. I'm
going to include it in my email newsletter which will go out Wednesday, and
I've told a bunch of other people. Pass the word.

The URL is http://www.thepassword.com/Magazines/food/food/hot/
and their phone number is (781) 994-4103, (800) 959-7277

If your attorney asks you to write a letter, the address is
Password Internet Publishing
														2 Gill St.
														Woburn, MA 01801 USA

- mary
FireGirl (Everybody Needs A Hero)
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