Re: [CH] Legal's recipe

Brent Thompson (
Tue, 02 Jun 1998 09:19:44 -0700

> What they are saying is "we don't want you to be able to duplicate our
> recipe and so we have given you the wrong directions or ingredients."

Yes, it is annoying when recipes are purposefully crippled while pretending
to be generous.  It does happen sometimes, though rarely, I hope.

Or maybe they were just saying A) "most people don't cook much nowadays so
in all likelihood our rendition is much better" or B) "even if your own
_is_ just as good as ours, we sure want you to believe ours must be

Anyway, the recipe did look good, despite perhaps being different from the
"Real Thing".

So, does anyone who has both made chowder using this recipe and also tasted
the Real Thing have an opinion re whether we got the Real Recipe and if not
what might have to be changed to make it into the Real Recipe?

 ---   Brent