Re: [CH] !Ay Chihuahua!
Tue, 2 Jun 1998 23:19:01 EDT

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<< On Tuesday, June 02, 1998, Lorraine wrote:
 > anybody know where I can get a picture of 
 > that dog?)
 You could get a T-shirt for $14 from:
 or call 1 888 hot taco (888 468-8226)
 Pero, perro, no quiero TacoBell, Jim
Jim, I like that one... can I use it.
I've got T-shirt, a friend bought it for me.  It has doggie on front with,
"Senorita, I'm thinking... you, me, Taco Bell" and on back, "Yo quiero Taco
Bell"  I forgot I had it on when I decided to go to my favorite Mexican
Restaurant and Mari almost threw me out until I told her I would make another
shirt with "No quiero Taco Bell, Yo quiero Mexico (restaurante)!!"  (Or Jim's
line above if it's alright with him.)  I'm still an honorary member of the
Lara & Garcia families, whew!