[CH] How to copyright

Brandon Nuttall (bnuttall@fido.mm.uky.edu)
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 10:55:47 -0400


I made the mistake of saying copyrighting something is "easy". OK, I've
never actually done it. But Cameron called me on it, so here is what I know.
Copyright registration requires three things: some forms (it is government,
you know), $20, and a "deposit". The deposit is a copy of the work to be

1) Start with the US Copyright Office web site:

Review the basics of copyrighting and what may or may not be copyrighted.
See also the FAQ

2) Clicking on the Copyright Registration link will get you to:


Use this page to get to information on what is required to copyright your
particular work. Web pages for example are most likely to fall under Other
Works, Multimedia. You will get to Circular 55:


Circular 55 will tell you which form(s) to file with your work and define
the "deposit".

3) PDF versions of the required forms are located at:


So, there it is: make a copy of your stuff, fill out some forms, pony up
$20, and send it in. However, somehow, somewhere, I get the feeling that a
lawyer will get involved.

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