Re: [CH] Toronto Sauce Outlet and Pronunciation

edmiston (
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 16:16:57 +0000

John Sargant wrote:
> Toronto CH's will be glad to see a new ( opened on May 29.) sauce store at
> 2 Bloor West. 
> I saw Dave's Insanity, Mountain Man and many other sauces. This is an
> offshoot of their main store in the St Lawrence Market. I have no
> connection with the place other than as a customer.

Praise El Grande! This is indeed excellent news. Now, I know I should
have filed this but I just get too many msgs in the course of a day to
properly deal with them all, so...

Back when we were being polled for qualities that influenced our
sauce/salsa purchasing decisions, someone posted a list of mabye 10-12
brands with very thorough descriptions of each. I can't remember what
his number-one pick was but I do recall thinking, "hot damn, that sounds

If that person remembers posting such a list, would he be so kind as to
privately e-mail me the name of his top-rated salsa? I'd be very
grateful, then I'd hightail it down to Yonge & Bloor to see if they had
it. Who knows -- if they do, maybe I'll post a review.