Re: [CH] scientific name clarification

Celeste or Dave Anderson (
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 15:54:27 +0000

> Does anybody have or know where I can get a list of all the 
> different varieties of chile's and what there 'street name' and
> 'scientific name' is ?
> I always see people talking about C. chineese or C. baccatum and
> unless they give an example I really have no idea what they are 
> talking about.  I hate being left out.

The best book I've seen for chile identification is "Peppers of the 
World" by DeWitt & Bosland. It is available through my link to It sells for $19.95 less 20 or 30%. "Peppers, The 
Domesticated Capsicums" by Jean Andrews also has drawings and 
descriptions, but it is much more expensive although it is the best 
book on peppers that I've seen.

Dave Anderson
Tough Love Chile Co.