Re: [CH] Great Web Site

Dave Williams (
Thu, 04 Jun 1998 10:08:39 +0200

Sue Callaghan wrote:

> Check out this great web site - devoted to chiles and poking fun at
> Microsoft!

 Hi there,
Just a quick addition from another Nandophile.
It happens that I was roped in to judge a chile-eating competition run by
Banditos, another SA "hot foods" company. Now, I've never really liked the idea
of eating raw chiles competitively: I mean I like salt in my food, I like
chiles in  my food, but I wouldn't eat handfuls of either. Be that as it may,
the contest was held in the Good Hope Centre in Cape Town, it featured 20 of
the hardest-core CHs I 've come across, some entering on behalf of their
The first two rounds, in which contestants started on whole raw cayennes and
cherry bombs eliminated no contestants (rules were no facial expression change,
no spitting, gagging etc).
A round with quarter habaneros also failed to cut the numbers. A round with
half habs finally cut out a few and for a change of capsaicin we went to Aji
Amarillo, which had numbers down to 8. A further round of whole habs got us
down to 4 including a lady who we thought was going to win until she suddenly
lost it (she later explained that she'd brushed her eye with a habby hand) .
The winner turned out to be a Nandos employee, from Mozambique: he finished
with a flourish  by eating a few extra habs as a lap of honour.....Nandos