[CH] Cheap hot sauces

Sarah Banick (sarah.banick@vpea.gatech.edu)
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 15:13:14 -0400


Hello everyone -- I've got a question. And I'm sure someone here will make
up a good answer if they don't know the correct one....

My relatively-new boyfriend collects hot sauces (can I pick 'em or what?).
Not your fancy-schmansy $5 bottles -- he goes for the cheapest stuff
around, preferably under $1 a bottle. Minimalist packaging, etc. Never
opens them either (to my relief).

This weekend we found an ultracheap (2 for $1!) Shoppers Value Louisiana
Hot Sauce. It has the usual ingredients: aged red cayenne, distilled
vinegar, salt, xanthan gum. Distributed by Preferred Products of Chaska,
Minnesota. Product of USA. So we're curious, where does this stuff really
come from? Surely not Minnesota. And what's the story behind the off-brand
sauces -- are they really the same as the pricier ones, without the
high-end labels? Is there, like, one big hot sauce plant that puts this
stuff out in unmarked bottles for others to market?

Thanks, Sarah

It's raining downtown....please please PLEASE let it be raining at my house....