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Thu, 04 Jun 1998 15:46:19 -0400

At 03:13 PM 6/4/98 -0400, Sarah Banick wrote:
>This weekend we found an ultracheap (2 for $1!) Shoppers Value Louisiana
>Hot Sauce. It has the usual ingredients: aged red cayenne, distilled
>vinegar, salt, xanthan gum. Distributed by Preferred Products of Chaska,
>Minnesota. Product of USA. So we're curious, where does this stuff really
>come from? Surely not Minnesota. And what's the story behind the off-brand
>sauces -- are they really the same as the pricier ones, without the
>high-end labels? Is there, like, one big hot sauce plant that puts this
>stuff out in unmarked bottles for others to market?

My favorite all around cheapo hot sauce is Tapatio.  It is stronger and has
more flavor that Louisiana type cayenne sauces.  I can get a 5 oz. bottle
at my supermarket for $.79.  When I was in New Orleans I saw the same
bottle in a hotsauce shop for $6.50!


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