RE: [CH] Cheap hot sauces

Goslowsky, George (
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 15:25:12 -0500

One of my favorite hot sauces is 'Jean's Three Pepper Sauce'.  I bought it
at a Stuckey's just south of Huntsville, AL.  It was only $1.39 and it had
truly terrific taste.

On the sweets/dessert topic, I like to make "Hot" Fudge Brownies.  Not being
a very good baker I buy a prepared mix at the grocery store and add pasilla,
guajillo, cayenne and/or ancho chile powder to make it "Hot".  I chose to
use those chiles because they have a taste that complements the chocolate
and makes the brownies taste similarly to mole.

George J. Goslowsky
Monk of the TCS
Holder of Fire