[CH] attracting "good" bugs

Ed Calvert (lordcalvert@worldnet.att.net)
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 17:12:23 -0400

I have yet to see one ladybug or lacewing in these parts for some time.
Gonna hafta askfriend how to find 'em.
Wont the sugar attract ants?
Didja know Catbirds/mockingbirds like strawberries and, I am so sure my
peppers. Am I gonna hafta [ DOUG, be quiet ] get caging??
My tomatoes are about 6ft high now. Have only two on north side of house,
tied to arbor/arbour. Had to spray twice for caterpillars. Big
green[two-tones] ones. Finally got those suckers.
My habs have all ready had one batch. BTW: are these habs/sb??? When
growing, have very pronounced ribs, and light yellow/green. Then Orange,
then Bright red. Not sharp pointed @ bottom, but not really squished,
Another plant is about 21/2ft high, dark leaves, and white young fruit.
Known here-abouts as White Flame Habs HOT!! Even white young 'uns. Turn
Brilliant red when mature.Was given. Has about 15-20 flowers now. Gonna
plant some Thais, soonest. Have two Jam. SB's given to me. have had on
window sill for two weeks. Will cut open and do seeds. Can I use husks that
were sitting there ? Throw out, use??
 Got Tabasco's, Cayenne's, Brazilians, and something. The fruit is about
1/4-3/8" totally round. Younge are white/yellowish, and mature turns yellow
w/ black siding, then red. Not like Brazilians, but just as hot. Tepins?
Supposedly from Mexico.
Have u heard about using HAIR around the base of plants? My friend's wife
 a Hair-dresser ) does that and says her peppers/tomatoes,etc., are
Okay, Hab a nice day, my friend
Ed  Calvert
CH (Tom's #) 1083
Brandon, Fl