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Thu, 04 Jun 1998 14:14:31 -0700

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> This weekend we found an ultracheap (2 for $1!) Shoppers Value Louisiana
> Hot Sauce. It has the usual ingredients: aged red cayenne, distilled
> vinegar, salt, xanthan gum. Distributed by Preferred Products of Chaska,
> Minnesota. Product of USA. So we're curious, where does this stuff really
> come from? Surely not Minnesota. 
Excuse me, being a former Minnesotan, I take offense at your above statement
- Chaska is a suburb of/small town outside Minneapolis

In addition to a large Mexican populaltion as well as Portugese, there are
LOTS of Germans, Irish, etc. living in MN who LOVE hot food - and it's
easily concievable that someone put together a sauce & is selling it

> And what's the story behind the off-brand
> sauces -- are they really the same as the pricier ones, without the
> high-end labels? 
A number of people, places [restaurants], etc., make their own sauce which
people like so much they ask the owners if/where they can buy some for home
use, from this, people begin to bottle/package/sell their product - since
they don't have the big overhead of advertising costs, etc they, usually,
can sell their product for less

In some cases, especially with mass marketing, someone may run off too much,
consequently they try to sell it off by offering it at a lower price; in
others, a "mass buyer" like Costco, Sam's Club, Trader Joe's, will come
along & buy it up at a savings & pass that savings on to you

> Is there, like, one big hot sauce plant that puts this
> stuff out in unmarked bottles for others to market?
Kind of - sometimes an off-brand is merely the second label of a company -
the first label is what all the advertising bucks, etc are spent on - the
second, third, generic, store brands, etc. . .labels can be run off by
changing the bottle on the conveyor (same product in both bottles), hence
you get the same product for less

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