[CH] receipe request salsa verde

Allen and Judy Merten (jbmerten@swbell.net)
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 01:21:28 -0500

Hi Chile-heads,
     I'm one of the new subscribers. Lurking for about 2 wks now. This
is a fascinating list. I am growing Anaheim chiles, Hungarian Wax,
Jalapeno Grande and another variety of jalapeno that was given to me.
Also have some wild chili pequins. 
     I would like to make some salsa verde and can it. Does anyone have
a receipe for salsa verde that you would share?
     The weather has been very hot(100's) and no rain for about 6 weeks.
Also plenty of smoke from Mexico. My peppers don't seem to be suffering
from the heat. They are still blooming prolificly and setting more
fruit. I water frequently and mulch with pine needles. So far I've
picked about 5lbs of Jalapeno Grandes.(6 plants)
      Should I leave the Anaheims on the bush untill they turn red for
dry peppers? Is it ok to use a dehydrator to get them dry enough to make
chile powder? Last year I pickled some peppers in vinegar and processed
them like pickles. I don't know what variety. The plants were given to
me. The peppers were 4" long and slender with thin walls. Will a thicker
walled pepper like jalapeno stay firm?
     Thanking you in advance for any answers,help or suggestions other
than "get off the list". I really enjoy reading the postings. Some are
very informative. Some are crazed!
					Bastrop Co.,Tx
					Zone 8