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At 01:21 AM 6/5/98 -0500, Allen and Judy Merten wrote:
>      Should I leave the Anaheims on the bush untill they turn red for
>dry peppers? Is it ok to use a dehydrator to get them dry enough to make
>chile powder? 

I'd leave them to ripen, they attain a sweetness and still have a nice
glow.  One of my favorite uses for ripe anaheims is to thouroghly roast
them (I did in in a large toaster oven, holding down the "toast" lever till
they blackened) and toss them in a paper bag for 5 minutes or so (Watch
that smoke when you open the door!).

Take them out and peel off the skin(Don't worry about leaving patches of
charred skin on, it adds a nice smoky flavor), slice open lenthwise and
remove the seeds.  In a bowl, sprinkle the sliced roasted peppers with a
good quality balsamic vinegar and toss to coat evenly.

Pack these sliced vinegared peppers into jars with olive oil.  I'm not sure
how long these will store, as that was never a problem!  Give em a day or
two and they'll be gone!

They are similar to regular roasted peppers but add a nice glow.  Serve
with fresh slices mozarella, calamata olives, fresh basil and proscuitto.


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