[CH] Cheap Hot Sauces

Alex Silbajoris (72163.1353@compuserve.com)
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 15:36:13 -0400


Today at work the lunch special was jerk chicken - and I have to admit they
did a half-decent job of it, though they grilled it too fast and burned it
a little.  Decent seasonings, but no real heat.

So ... I got to thinking about what condiments they had in the cafeteria -
the little plastic squeeze packets.  I came up with this recipe:

2 packets prepared yellow mustard
1 packet ketchup
1 packet honey
2 packets lemon jiuce
generous dash of malt vinegar
1 oz (approx) A-1 steak sauce
1 dash Frank's red hot sauce
1 dash Tabasco
2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
approx 7 drops of Endorphin Rush (which I keep in my desk)

Mix thoroughly, allow to rest.  I made it on break and took it back to my
desk (against the rules) and used it about an hour later.  Now my desk
drawer reeks of A-1.  The result was as close to Inner Beauty as I could
expect to get, under the circumstances.  I got the brown color right,

     Alex Silbajoris  72163.1353@compuserve.com

     Step out with your Thinking Cap
     and chile pepper pants,
     with your habanero t-shirt, 
     they won't even stand a chance.
     When the ketchup makes them sweat
     then you can show them who the boss is - 
     go get yourself some cheap hot sauces!

     Oh yeah!

     Met a spicy lady,
     just as hot as she could be - 
     her leather squeaked like Xena's,
     chiles tattooed on her cheeks.
     She blew my buds away with her pepper popper process,
     but what really knocked me out was her cheap hot sauces!

     So go on out and get yourself 
     some thick, rich red
     with the burning heat so strong 
     it will blow holes into your head.
     The choice is up to you,
     it all depends on what the cost is:
     Champagne habs or cheap hot sauces!