Re: [CH] Hell

Calvin Donaghey (
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 16:43:34 -0500

Just curious, but how in the world can you get from the cash register to the
street with a new sauce without drinking a swig or two,  let alone get all the
way home??  'Must be something awfully distracting down there.......

Bill Oakes wrote:

> Was in the Cayman's a week ago (roughing it (cough)), and went, of course,
> to Hell ('cause you GOTTA do it).  While on the way back, stopped by a local
> supermarket, and picked up a few bottles of "Hell Sauce".  Get this...FIRST
> ingredient is scotch bonnet.  NOT vinegar, mind you.  Second?  Nope...again,
> NOT vinegar.  Tomato paste!  Finally we get to (sigh) vinegar.  Figured THIS
> has gotta be different, so couldn't wait to try it...and of course, forgot
> all about it until today.  Opened a bottle, and while lower on the heat
> level then I would have expected, nonetheless, this is easily in the top 5
> sauces I've tried.
> So...umm...anyone headed back that way...and do you have any extra room in
> your luggage on the return?
> Bill Oakes
> San Jose, USA