Re: [CH] Hell

Bill Oakes (
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 17:25:35 -0700

Um, one <could> say there were a few distractions down there.  Most of them
involved women, diving, and beer (not always (come to think of it, or
usually) in that order).  It WAS great, though, ordering cracked conch with
fresh scotch bonnets on the side, with a cold Stingray (or two...or
three...or...well, whatever).
Bill Oakes
San Jose, USA

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Date: Friday, June 05, 1998 2:44 PM
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>Just curious, but how in the world can you get from the cash register to
>street with a new sauce without drinking a swig or two,  let alone get all
>way home??  'Must be something awfully distracting down there.......
>Bill Oakes wrote:
>> Was in the Cayman's a week ago (roughing it (cough)), and went, of
>> to Hell ('cause you GOTTA do it).  While on the way back, stopped by a
>> supermarket, and picked up a few bottles of "Hell Sauce".  Get
>> ingredient is scotch bonnet.  NOT vinegar, mind you.  Second?
>> NOT vinegar.  Tomato paste!  Finally we get to (sigh) vinegar.  Figured
>> has gotta be different, so couldn't wait to try it...and of course,
>> all about it until today.  Opened a bottle, and while lower on the heat
>> level then I would have expected, nonetheless, this is easily in the top
>> sauces I've tried.
>> So...umm...anyone headed back that way...and do you have any extra room
>> your luggage on the return?
>> Bill Oakes
>> San Jose, USA