edmiston (edmiston@wardpress.com)
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 20:56:35 +0000

A few days ago John Sargant posted about a new place to get sauces in

I posted a vague query to the list to ask for the name of a sauce I'd
heard mentioned here that I really wanted to try.

Fortunately, Ralph Feldman recognized the post I was looking for as one
of his:

1. Zavala's No Joke Hot Sauce

This is my clear favorite. Its a minimalist sauce bursting with fresh
hab flavor. As flavorful as it is hot. It's actually closer to a salsa
than a sauce.

So yesterday I headed on over to the Instant Caterer, full of
anticipation. Alas, no Zavala's. The sales clerk was very nice though
and said she'd ask the owner to see if he could order it. I'll be
monitoring the situation closely and will report back to my fellow
MegaCity CHers. (Called the Red Devil on Duncan -- they don't have it
either )~: ).