[CH] botulism

Allen and Judy Merten (jbmerten@swbell.net)
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 23:55:10 -0500

Hi Brent, 
	In my opinion you can never warn too much about botulism poisoning. The
literature I have read said that only a couple of drops of liquid or
bits of food contaminated with botulism results in death most of the
time. It is also a very horrible death. My wife and I invested in a 22qt
pressure canner last year with this years garden surplus in mind. We use
a water bath canner for high acid foods and jellies and jams. High acid
foods like tomatos and pickles,etc. are safe to can at usual boiling
temp of 212F. To safely can all other foods, a temp of 240F much be
reached and maintained for x number of minutes depending on what was
being canned. The only way to reach this temp in the ordinary home is
under pressure.
	If you contact your county home extension agent she can send you a
enormous amount of free material dealing with preserving food. 
					Thanks again,
					Bastrop Co.,Tx.