[CH] Off topic (But not completely)

Sat, 6 Jun 1998 02:15:41 EDT

Hello all,
I'm currently redoing my website (I had a chile-induced vision) and have a
small question for anyone who maintains/designs their own website.
Do you design for 480X640 or for 600x800 resolution.
I'm kind of torn between the two, and am wondering which is the more commonly
used these days.

And now on to the chile-related portion of this note...

Does anyone have a recipe for a spicy tomato chutney?  A friend of mine from
India made me some and now she's moved out of town, leaving me high and dry!
I use it instead of pizza sauce on a hab-laced pizza I make.  Mmmmm Good! :)

Thanks in advance for your help, and please send your responses to the
computer related portion off-list. No need to burden everyone with this topic.

Jeff The Pepper Man