Re: [CH] Houston & Seattle

J Young (
Sat, 6 Jun 1998 15:21:17 -0700 (PDT)

On Sat, 6 Jun 1998, Lori & Jim wrote:
> I'm off to Houston for a week and then Seattle for two weeks.   Do any of
> you have  suggestions on places to eat (I'm looking for hot/spicy and big
> deli sandwiches (because they can't do that here in Oz for some reason), or
> whatever seems to be yummy) and places to get hot sauces.

Seattle has nothing in the way of jewish delis.

as for hot and spicy, my top recommendation would be Janny's Curry House
on 45th street.  They offer a number of great soups and traditional
curries, but their house curry is the best.  their 5 star actually has a
	2 thai restaurants are worth noting: Thai Tom is a hole in the
wall by UW that serves the best thai I've had in the city.  you can ask
for higher than 5 stars- I've gotten up to 15. The best thai in the whole
area is right by the airport, Bai Tong.  it was started by thai airlines
employees, and offers a wide variety of traditional thai dishes.
Everything I've had there is great.
	There's a place called wing dome around here that speciallizes in
mediocre but hot food.  The 5 alarm wings are strong and habanero based,
and the 6 alarms are covered with mainly hab seeds.  I've had tastier
wings, but if you're looking for heat, they deliver.
	Paseos is a carribean grill that serves excellent food with a
kick.  They seemed to have toned down their overall heat level as of late,
but they offer a delicious fresh had salsa.

you can find addresses, hours, and maps to all of the above places (and
just about any other recommendations you get) at 


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