Re: [CH] el nino? el @!*&^$%

lukasz (
Thu, 04 Jun 1998 22:07:33 +1000 wrote:
 melbourne (FL, don't get too excited there Luke!) registered a
whopping 107
 degrees yesterday. Today, the heat index here will rise to
around 110 degrees.
 heat.  go figure.
 mad dogs and englishmen, baby.
<much Choppage>
 luke Did Reply Melbourne Fl could be on my Itinerrary in mid to
late Oct --Will look at the Atlas and find out if it close
enough to my destinations /St Augustine is on my list .
Melbourne Oz has been Known to have 4 Seasons in one Day- 
Now you know what the Lyrics of the Crowded House song referred
to ...
And thats in Summer - Appologies to all Aussies south of the
Mind you this is all hearsay as the last time I was there was in
1960 and i was just a Boy of 6 .