[CH] el nino? el @!*&^$%

Wed, 3 Jun 1998 12:38:46 EDT

melbourne (FL, don't get too excited there Luke!) registered a whopping 107
degrees yesterday. Today, the heat index here will rise to around 110 degrees.
at this point, I can only look out the kitchen window and mourn.  all those
sweet little blossoms...(sigh).  oh well, at least now I can save the money I
was going to use for "Too Many Peppers".  thanks again, el nino (*&^%*&)

to our "newbie": I heartily recommend  the indispensible "The Pepper Garden"
by Dave DeWitt and Paul Bosland.  I keep it at my fingertips for quick
referencing.  "Chile Pepper Magazine" is also great for recipes and has
recently begun a Bosland authored gardening column.

to mary:  I'm behind you 100%  your site has a special place in my heart
because it was one of the first I ever accessed when this magnificent
obsession began.  it's also one of the few Brevard Co. School Board didn't
block me from as being "worthless"(e!online, on the other hand...).  good luck
in the good fight.

actually, I was being a little overdramatic up top.  thanks to Cal's pot
wrapping strategy and that handy garlic spray, I think my harvest this year
may just turn out to be modestly successful.  in spite of the horrifically hot
temps, I may be able to salvage some of the flowers  and our sorry flea market
tomatoes  actually seem to thrive in the gawdawful heat.  go figure.

mad dogs and englishmen, baby.