[CH] Fast Chiles

Calvin Donaghey (gdonaghey@bitstreet.com)
Sun, 07 Jun 1998 09:35:04 -0500

Fellow CHs-
I have read a number of posts in the last few months about requests for
chile varieties which can adapt to northern climates.  I am currently
growing one variety which might work.  I got the seeds from a Hindu in
the hill country of Texas.  He said his family grew them. (India?)  They
make a very compact bush with prolific yield.  I planted them inside in
January and picked my first ripe pod in May.  Pods look a lot like
Shepherd's Super Chile but they are not hybrids.  (My pods look and
taste just like the Hindu's did.)  They range in heat around 7 - 8, and
have a nice fruity flavor.  I believe they would do well in pots or
outside up north, and have isolated some flowers for seed.  If anyone is
interested, I will give a few seeds away after this season if you will
send a SASE.  Email me if interested.