Re: [CH] Fast Chiles

lukasz (
Tue, 09 Jun 1998 20:21:39 +1000

Calvin Donaghey wrote:
 Fellow CHs-
 I have read a number of posts in the last few months about
requests for
 chile varieties which can adapt to northern climates. 
Hi Calvin , 
	   I have some Chiles Which are still Flowering here in OZ ,
regardless of the fact that we Have had several nights down as
low as 
 5 deg Centigrade these are a Mirrasol type about {hold on I'll
just step out in the garden}--30-35 millimetres long {Inch and a
half for the Metrically iMPAIRED} <g> I am saving a lot of these
for seed as they are my backstop in times of Chile drought as
they seem to also be a early season Chile .. If you like I Can
send you some seeds .........
I think that these may be a strain of Indian CHile -- I have had
these growing here at Coffs Harbour 30 degrees odd south for 15
yrs approx
		Luke in OZ 
		Wonder if I can Patent that Signature ??