[CH] CHEEEEP hot sauces

Doug Irvine (dirvin@bc.sympatico.ca)
Sun, 07 Jun 1998 17:14:26 -0700

Well, in all of the postings, unless I missed one, I have not seen a
mention of Yucatan Sunshine...this is a hab sauce made in New Orleans by
Reilly Foods Co, and it consists of Habanero peppers, carrots, onions,
distilled white vinegar.garlic, lime juice and salt....for you folks who
LOVE vinegar, as evidenced by your postings, it is third, and although
it is still there, the habs are there first, and on the taste buds as
well....this sauce is available here in Canada at some grocery stores,
and is  a Try Me brand of which there are more than a few 
others....they state on the cover around the top"a little FIRE a lot of
FLAVOR...they are sure right about the first part...it aint hot!
IMO...but it isnt that bad, and for the vinegar lovers??it does not have
too strong a sour flavor! Once again IMO!  Prairie Fire, outta Calgary,
is much much better, different flavor, mo hotta mo betta, and I use it
much more than the other one. I must also say a few words about Walker's
Wood Jerk seasoning.....this stuff is fantastic for what it will do for
an ordinary pork roast...did a bone-less loin the other day, marinated
it for three days in the fridge with this stuff, did it at 300F for
about 3 hours, let it rest and Oh 
Boy was it good...what really surprised me was that given that I DO  not
like cold roast anything!!!(personal opinion) this roast was superb,
even two days later in sandwiches, the jerk seasoning still came
thru....so now I have a 3 lb boneless pork leg marinating in this stuff,
will do it Tuesday! So Cheers to all on the list, no recipe this week,
look out for next week, Doug in BC