[CH] cheap sauces

Dave Hendricks (bvdrangs@enter.net)
Mon, 8 Jun 1998 07:45:33 +0000

The wife and I were at Giant yesterday and checked out prices for hot 
sauces, Here are the bargains in good stuff.

Melinda's  $2.39 (sale$2.07)
Melinda's XXX  $2.39 (sale$2.07)
Jamaician Hellfire (2 types) $2.99 (sale$2.62)
Brutal Bajan  $2.29
Endorphin Rush  $3.45
Pyromania $2.19

plus a bunch of sauces from "Try Me" and the usual assortment of 
Louisanna style sauces. Not bad for a grocery store chain.

Dave Hendricks
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