[CH] Is This Stuff Legal?

edmiston (edmiston@wardpress.com)
Mon, 08 Jun 1998 23:39:06 +0000

Should chiles be considered a controlled substance? Or, if not all
chiles, then certain goods manufactured with certain varieties of
chiles... goods, for example, like... The Bread?

I got my box today! After waiting till I could give it the ritualistic
attention it deserved (when the mailman called me to come down for a
package I was hunched over my computer working), I opened it. Having
read others' reviews, I resisted the temptation to take a huge bite.
Smart move.

It's just as other initiates have written: Dense and deceptively
wholesome in appearance and texture. Sort of like whole wheat bread a
country Mom might make. Tasty, rich and a little sweet. Then a slow
onset of heat. Oh my, isn't this is lovely. Then more heat building. My
*goodness*! Then...HOly JUMPin'! Mom never made bread like this!

A total explosion of glorious glorious delcious heat. The cliche "party
in my mouth" comes to mind, though I've never had occasion to use it
before. Then came the tears (not tears of sorrow, not tears of joy...
what do you call the CH variety?). And then an undulation down the back
of my neck to mid-spine that was, like, cosmic man.

What a flavour. What a rush! Purveyor of The Bread, you Da Man.

To any hoserheads who haven't been blessed with a sample of The Bread, I
would recommend offering to pay the postage (It's expensive -- $5.85 US,
which converts to roughly 1,000,000 beaver pelts) if your name is chosen
from Jim's lucky hat. I'm going to send him a cheque to cover his
mailing costs -- the experience is worth every hundreth of a loon.

Thanks, Jim. I've sampled a lot of heat in my day, but this was unique.
Truly it was the epiphany I'd imagined.

Apologies again about my previous post's whining and moaning... but I
knew I had to get a hold of this stuff somehow, so despite the fact that
I may have offended some, I'm glad I did (whine and moan, not offend).

Currently sitting up straight at my computer, zipping right along,
praising El Grande and mentally faxing Mr. Campbell hardcore good karma

Oh yeah, and did I mention? I love this list! (Stop me before I get