[CH] RE: Chile varieties - Yatsafusa

Jim Tidwell (snd1jlt@snd10.med.navy.mil)
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 07:01:17 -0700

On Tuesday, June 09, 1998, Andie wrote:
> I just got a couple of chile plants,  an Indian
> variety  "Surya" and a Japanese  "Yatsafusa"
> Can anyone tell me anything about these?

For Yatsafusa:

Yastofusa (Yatsafusa) A 3 inch hot pepper from Japan. Tapered
fruits, red when ripe, held high pointing upward on nice bushy 20
inch plants. Very decorative and does well in a large container.
(Capsicum annum). 80 days from transplant. Also known as Japanese
Chile. Asian Heirloom pepper, early 1900's.

Very similar to "Thai Hot", in heat and appearance. These are
what oriental restaurants use in their spicy dishes.

HTH, Jim