Re: [CH] tellicherry

Brent Thompson (
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 08:35:29 -0700

> Isn't there a thing called tellicherry that is pink and often mixed in with
> "gourmet" peppercorns?

Kerala state in South India is where some of the world's best quality black
pepper is grown.  Some of the black peppercorns I've tasted there have a
delicious strong aroma almost like flowers (in addition of course to
typical black pepper flavors and aromas).  Anyway, Tellicherry is a
district (or maybe a town?) in Kerala, and some black pepper is sold here
in USA as "Tellicherry Pepper", the intention being to convey it is
particularly fine quality.  So, tellicherry is not pink, and it would be
the gourmet-most ingredient in "gourmet peppercorns", admixed with other
peppers of lower interest and value.
 ---   Brent