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Rich McCormack (
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 07:02:15 -0700 wrote:
> Isn't there a thing called tellicherry that is pink and often mixed in with
> "gourmet" peppercorns?  If it is what I think it is, it is related to poison
> ivy.  If it is something else, please don't flame me as I have to have my car
> inspected this month, there is money involved, and I am already tense about

Only chiles get roasted around here...

Tellicherry is a true black peppercorn.  The pink "peppercorn" you're 
refering to is not.  From the Penzeys catalog: 

    "From the French island of Reunion.  These expensive pink 
     berries add a touch of color and a rich sweet flavor to 
     almost any dish.  Unlike the black, white and green, the 
     pink really aren't peppercorns, but they are called so 
     because of their size and flavor.  ..."

I don't know whether they're related to poison ivy or not, but I 
can say they are quite tasty when added to a peppercorn blend in 
a peppermill for grinding fresh onto whatever suits yer fancy.

I took my pickup in for it's "every other year" smog check last 
fall.  Neither it nor any other vehicle I've ever owned had ever 
failed a smog check...until this time.  It failed as tested by 
the recently imposed "Smog Check II" smog certification system 
in California.  Several hundred dollars later (and much time 
wasting and frustration), I was finally able to get my smog 
certification forwarded to the State.  Smog Check II, in my 
opinion, is a disasterous boondoggle.  I wish you better luck 
with your car...

Back to chiles, lest the OT police issue me a ticket...

I bought a 6-pack of habanero plants at my local Home Depot a 
few days ago.  They are very healthy and vigorous with large, 
deep green leaves at the top and many small "suckers" sprouting 
from the stem just above the soil level.  This is the first 
time I've ever seen such an abundance of leaf/mainstem union 
growth on a habanero plant I've bought.  I'm tempted to pinch 
off the upper part of the plant and let the "suckers" florish, 
but I'm not too sure I should.  Good idea or bad...?

Rich McCormack (Poway, CA)

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