[CH] the platinum-headed stranger returns

Wed, 10 Jun 1998 20:04:39 EDT

jeez!  sorry i've seemingly ignored my e-mail; actually i was called back into
work early (thanks to your buddies at the school board there Ed!), so i've
been remiss in my so usually prompt replies to all you fine chilizens.

anyway, thanks again to everyone who wanted to help me with what can only be
described as the world's most pathetic chili garden.  temps are down to 90-95
but i'm afraid the damage is done.  the plants look healthy, but still not
retaining very many blossoms (but a few more than they were initially).  the
one tomato we were able to cultivate became the victim yesterday of a
psychotic mockingbird.  oh yeah. we did get rain Sunday...along with HAIL.
please kill me now.

one thing i'd like to add to the cheap chili sauce debate-i like to haunt
ethnic groceries myself.  here in fabbaloss Brevard Co. FL, we have a virtual
plethora of Thai, Indian, and Spanish groceries where you can pick up big
bottles of funky hot and chili sauces for .79 to around $2.00 (The latter will
get you I swear like a gallon).
Luke, if you come to visit , we'll have samosas at Land of Spices Indian
Grocery.  they make them on the weekends-either potato or meat and they can be
had for 75 cents a piece.  spicy and reeeaaallly greasy.

Steve-don't sweat the black staining on your pods.  that's just a reaction the
chile has to direct sunlight.  it doesn't look all that great, but it won't
hurt it at all.  

as for the rest of you, please keep my sorry little garden in your prayers to
El Grande.  it's the Charlie Brown Christmas tree of the chile world.  but
what's next- a hurricane?

still standing,