[CH] schinus terebinthifolius

Wed, 10 Jun 1998 20:09:33 EDT

I was wrong.  Tellicherry is not the "peppercorn" I was thinking about.  I was
thinking of SCHINUS TEREBINTHIFOLIUS, the "Brazilian pepper tree" also known
as "Florida Holly tree".  It is listed under bulk pepper in the Frontier Herb
catalog as whole pink peppercorns from the Reunion Islands.

This can be irritating, so its use should be limited.  I think this must be
the "pepper berry" that florists get during Christmas-time.  They dry very

I did a quick search on yahoo once I found the name in Frontier's catalog, if
you want to do some looking.

At least it is pink!!(actually reddish-pink)

Thanks to you all for the tellicherry info.  I'm gonna get some of that!