[CH] Open Fields 2003 Pictures

Mon, 29 Sep 2003 11:42:37 -0400

Hello all,

Open Fields is over once again, it always goes too fast. Luckily we have
pictures, among other things, to remind us of the fun we had and the
friends we've met/made.

Along those lines, I've posted the pictures I took on my website, along
with the pictures taken at the Open Fields since 2000. If anyone has any
Open Fields phictures they'd like to add (from this year or past years)
please send them to me and I'll include them. 

The photo gallery allows visitors to add their comments below the
picture so please feel free to add the names of the folks in the photo
or comments about things that happened in the fields. Just be kind and
keep the language in good taste (at least relatively). 

I have more surprises from the fields coming but they aren't ready as of

Have a good rest of the day and I hope to see you next year,

Jeff "The Pepper Man" Schickowski

PS The URL is http://chileheadsonline.com/gallery