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 I have also heard from others comments akin to "Do you have any
 tastebuds left?" or "Can you taste anything other than the heat?" 
 I'd be interested to know what others who are more scientifically 
 inclined than I am know about this, but it seems to me that yes, 
 my "heat" tastebuds are desensitized to lower levels of heat, but 
 it doesn't seem to have affected my ability to taste and enjoy sweet,
 sour, or other flavors. Anyone care to elaborate on this?
 Jonathan  >>

After years of partaking of the fruits of El Grande, my tastebuds are doing
just fine.  My tastebuds are doing extremely well since I quit smoking 6 years
ago (anniversary on March 17 at 10:30am).  

Working with food all day, I have become accustomed to tasting the many dishes
prepared in the kitchen.  I have no problems tasting the different flavors.
The only problem (?) I seem to have with my tastebuds is that my tolerance for
spicy heat is constantly changing.  What seems to be spicy today will be mild
(four letter word, sorry didn't mean to offend) after a short time.  

An example of this is my Roasted Tomato with Curry Soup.  I make this every so
often and its a real hit with the customers, but the last couple of times I've
made it I have gotten a couple of complaints that it was too spicy.  I have
solved this problem by having several of the kitchen staff serve as a tasting
panel so that we can adjust the spices before it gets served.

Hope this answers your questions.

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